Macieira 5 Star Royal Brandy 1lt

Produce since 1885, acording to the old original formula of Macieira & Ca. Lda, and aged in oaks casks. Macieira is the excellence of a careful distilation of a portuguese wines, those who fully appreciate Macieira have enjoyed it over 100 years for its quality and distinct unique flavor. It can be served neat, with ice or as a refreshing long drink with water.

Tasting Notes
Golden brown, slightly deeper than whisky, the result of contact with, and ageing in, small French oak casks.
Delicately complex and normally Slightly fruity – characteristic of distilled wines. The use of fortified wine confers touches of anis and coriander.
Soft, rich and well structured. Fine touches in perfect harmony with vanilla, apricot, peach, honey and anis. The harmony of the different palates combines perfectly with the discreet presence of sap oak.
Slightly liquorish; the result of a combination of carefully distilled selected wines and the ageing process.

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