Terra Andina Sauivignon Blanc

Vintage: 2007


Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Central Valley

Wine making details:

All the stems of the grapes are removed. The berries are crushed and protected from the aire using antioxidant sulfur dioxide and inert gas blanketing. The must is cooled to reduce the temperature immediately after crushing to maintain flavors and aroma and reduce the level of SO2. Before pressing the grapes are put in skin contact for 8 to 20 hours. Pneumatic pressing separating two press fraction. The juice clarification is by gravity at 10ºC with pectic enzymes. Cool fermentation at 12ºC using refrigerated stainless steel tanks jackets. Non malolactic fermentation. The wine is kept in contact with the lees for one to three months at 10ºC.

Tasting notes:
Color: Pale straw
An Intense, fresh and pure wine evoking greenfruit, grapefruit, lime, nectarines, and indigenous fruit like peach flavors and Acacia flowers. Is a fresh wine with a harmonious and pleasant aftertaste.

Cellar Potencial: 1 to 2 years, drink young to enjoy the fruit.

Aging: The wine is kept in contact with his lies with battonage during 1-3 months at 10ºC.

Fish, seafood and poultry. Especially dishes with a hint of spice.

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