Verdi Raspberry Spumante .238L

Produced using moscato grapes grown traditionally in the Asti region.

This is a soft, semi-sweet spumante, a delightful drink that can be enjoyed on many occasions. Product Features: 6 bottles Bosca Verdi Spumante.

The Italian wine industry reached its peak in Piedmont when Vermouth was invented. This has made possible the creations of major wineries including Bosca which became world leaders in the industry.

Bosca has been successfully producing Vermouth since 1831.

A closure system invented at Bosca and covered by international patents: a substantial innovation which makes possible to reach the same effect of happiness given by the popping up of a flying Spumante cork.

Grape: Vermouth a blend of wine and selected natural ingredients (herbs, sugar and brandy) was the ideal product for the consumers all around the world for well over a century.

Description: Slightly sparkling, low in alcohol (5%), delicately sweet, with a great bouquet.

An original and exclusive bottle.

Rating: 90/100.

ALC/VOL: 4.8%

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