Quinto Do Crasto Port Wine LBV 2005

Wine from a single year, bottled after spending around four years ageing in Portuguese oak casks. Extended maturation in wood means that the wines are ready to drink soon after they are bottled (unlike a Vintage Port). Quinta do Crasto bottles LBV without any fining or filtration in order to retain as much character and intensity as possible, hence its designation as 'traditional.' After a year or so in bottle, the wine will throw a sediment and should be decanted. The wines will develop well for ten years or more.

Grape variety/varieties Mixed plantings (up to 25 different grape varieties)
Average age of vines 70 years
Soil Schist
Region Douro
Vinification techniques
Grapes are hand picked in small plastic craters.
100 % foot troden in traditional stone ”lagares”. Natural yeast. Basket press.
Fortified brandy is added to the must at 8º Baumé to stop the fermentation. Wine is bottled without any finning or filtration after two years in wood.
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