Bulldog Gin 750ml

The definition of the brand released in the Chinese Year of the Dog (2006) begins with the bottle. It is dark, stout and crowned with a spiked color around the neck, making it is as eye-catching as the liquor inside is captivating. This gin is for lovers of gin; real gin, filled with an array of flavors not found in any other spirit, the gin that set the Martini apart from every other drink. Bulldog is complex, to say the least. Notes: Made in a copper pot still with such exotics as Dragon Eye and Poppy along with the usual ingredients one finds in gin. Poppies have a long history in medicine and Dragon Eye is a Chinese herb/fruit that is used to increase Kidney Chi and reputed to be of use for female sex drive/orgasm. (Personally I thought gin itself was, silly me). This is a lighter style of London Dry Gin with a emphasis on lightness and so differs from the older styles. Appearance: Crystal clear, sprightly, displays some legs on swirling, which then become droplets on the side of the glass. First Impression: Perfumey bouquet, even more than Bombay or Tanqueray. Juniper, witch hazel and cassia, with citrus and other aromatics adding to the blend. Poppy lends a bready/earthy presence not found in other gins and the dragon eye (Longan) provides some base notes not found elsewhere. Taste: Medium weight body with a pleasant aromatic blend of spices, mild tingling on the lips and tongue lingering finish. Very clean, with a very interesting mixture of spices including cinnamonm and cardamon. Slight warming burn on the way down. Finish has decided citrus (especially Seville orange) along with the above tastes.

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